Hypershell 1 Horsepower Everyday Adventure Exoskeleton(ON PREORDER)

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Product Feature:
  • Combined with central motors with 8 passive joints, the innovative Omega® system makes the weight and size 50% lighter;
  • Provide an output boost equivalent to 1 horsepower, 50% torque increase, bringing an added max running speed of 20km/h, a 60-degree slope sprint, a steady 30kg weight offset and 10kg of horizontal thrust;
  • Seamlessly shift gears and adapts to over 9 sports modes, including walking, race walking, running, riding, climbing, up/down stairs, up/down hills, gravel road, and auto hold;
  • Body size compatibility: Waist Width: 280-420mm/11in-16.5in, Hip Width: 320-450mm/12.5in - 17in;
  • 35Km baterry range and easy to switch in multi-day trips;
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    $599.00 USD
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    We've all experienced exhaustion and helplessness, dragging heavy pieces of equipment, walking tens of thousands of steps, falling behind on a gorgeous track, and ending up destroying the mood and the plan; we got used to limited freedom and hitting the paved road just like everyone else did. Deep inside, we yearn to get rid of the natural limitations, walk deeper into the forest, climb higher mountains, and challenge the unprecedented speed limits.

    Equipped with Hypershell Omega, you can go further, climb higher mountains, run faster, and carry more along the way, or simply walk with less effort. Say goodbye to sore legs after shopping, visiting museums, theme parks, and exhibitions. From a mountainous trek to a day at the museum, Hypershell provides power and strength to those who need it, when they need it. 


    We design Hypershell to be an entirely new generation of the exoskeleton. It packs state-of-the-art robotics, ergonomics, and AI into an extremely compact form that provides uncompromising power when needed. Hypershell saves you from tired walking, physical work, long trips, and mileage limits so that you can explore more options outside your comfort zone.


    For the first time, super-powerful, ultra-lightweight, and elevated flexibility has become a reality in one.

    The innovative Omega® system makes Hypershell lightweight and powerful. Patented and created for lower limb exoskeletons, the Omega® system brings numerous advantages that make Hypershell distinctive. The central motor is invented in combination with eight passive joints, doubling the assist effectiveness and performance/weight ratio of the exoskeleton.


    For travelers and backpackers, Hypershell can be your power bank of endurance. Recede fatigue, expand your radius and freedom, travel through jungles, deserts, and snowy mountains, and explore the untouched depths of nature.

    For professionals such as photographers, Hypershell can multiply your productivity. It makes your work easier by offsetting your pack weight, helping you go further, stay longer onsite, and take the closest shot.

    For explorers like mountain lovers, Hypershell can be the sherpa in your backpack, offsetting a massive amount of weight above the snow line while reducing altitude sickness and the risk of accidents when you are exhausted.


    Looking for more outside the zone? The Hyper Mode is designed for those who love challenging their status quo. Simply hold the buttons on both sides to call for Hyper Mode. Hypershell will instantly answer with an output equivalent to 1 horsepower, 50% torque increase, and quadrupled motion acceleration capability.

    At the same time, the AI Motion Engine inside Hypershell will act more aggressively, boosting reaction frequency from 10000Hz to 30000Hz. This brings an added max running speed of 20km/h, a 60-degree slope sprint, a steady 30kg weight offset, and 10kg of horizontal thrust to make a history of your own.


    To get the monstrous performance, we created monsters of our own. The M-One motor inside Hypershell is the world's smallest high-precision Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM), capable of boasting one horsepower and 32N·m of torque. This power is equivalent to lifting three cars (4,400 kg) by 1 meter within a minute.

    nlike the market wearable exoskeletons with 125W motors, Hypershell demands stronger performance to aid you in extreme sports. The M-One motor is specially developed for high-performance wearable robots. It is highly integrated, ultra-lightweight, high-precision, and provides astoundingly strong power.


    Hypershell uses a unique sensor architecture incorporating torque, position, and force sensors to understand your movement. This sequence delivers information on lower limb kinematics and dynamics, and realistically models the motion gait in milliseconds.
    The brain of Hypershell is made with not one but two powerful processors, one handling complex real-time motor control and the other acting as an external cerebellum, housing the proprietary motion engine. Hypershell can therefore model your body and maintain an acute awareness of your body movement.


    Adventures are sometimes tough. With Hypershell, you can seamlessly shift gears between different terrain conditions and paces because it understands how you move and calculates your optimal output. Easily move through the day with an AI Motion Engine that adapts to over nine sports modes, including walking, race walking, running, riding, climbing, up/down stairs, up/down hills, gravel road, and auto hold.

    The MotionEngine technology utilizes AAF (Automatic Adaptive Force) algorithms based on deep learning models to foreknow your next move. Simulation technology and extensive data training generated by Human-in-the-Loop allow the MotionEngine to handle a variety of complex terrains intelligently. Hypershell will actively learn and adapt to your motion habits as you spend more time using it. Take the first step, and leave the rest to Hypershell.


    Hypershell integrates high-polymer lithium batteries with a kinetic energy recovery system to provide an extra 35km range when you feel you can't go further. Thanks to high-density ternary lithium battery technology, we are able to squeeze 74Wh into an ultra-compact volume inside Hypershell. At the same time, it has an ultra-high cycle life and maintains 80% capacity after two years of intense use.


    The smart battery management system (BMS) on Hypershell supports universal USB-C PD fast charging. You can use a phone charger to charge Hypershell while traveling and get a 20% battery level in just 10 minutes, which provides a 5km functional range.

    Hypershell can get you covered even in multi-day hiking or long trips. The hot-swappable battery design on both sides of Hypershell is compatible with a mixture of new and used batteries, so you can switch batteries anytime during use.


    We designed Hypershell with uncompromising portability in mind. When folded, Hypershell only sits at the size of A4 paper and can be easily put in almost any backpack. With only 6.5 liters and 1.8kg in your bag, Hypershell can free you from the edges of discomfort, so you can hike farther and more comfortably, cover wider terrain and see more.


    Every ounce counts. To create a lightweighthigh-strength fuselage for Hypershell, we used an integrated aluminum-magnesium alloy die-casting method, Together with Omega systems, Hypershell only weighs 1/2 of the products of the previous generation.


    Thanks to hundreds of strenuous simulations and iterations, Hypershell is strong enough to reach a fatigue life of over 10 million cycles, and light enough to maintain the lowest weight within its class.


    When adventures are taken outdoors, they must withstand all conditions. Whether heavy rain or sandstorms – many weather conditions can damage electronic parts. Water or dirt must not enter the motor. This requires a very special configuration of the connections, the electronics, the mechanical structure, and the enclosure.


    Hypershell has gone to great lengths to make weatherproof products and offers these features: waterproof screw connections, specially coated circuit boards, weatherproof aluminum enclosures, and polyurethane coatings including UV protection. This ensures optimum protection of the product at all times. The weatherproof-certified products of Hypershell comply with protection class IP54 according to IEC 529 / EN 60529.


    Take your adventurous lifestyle to higher ground with Hypershell app. Its multi-parameter data insights and real-time control (speed monitoring, machine status, steps record, mileage monitoring, assistance, statistics, firmware upgrade) allow you to uncover your personal best along each adventure.